Tuesday, August 21, 2012


"I'm planning to win."
"Yes, I expected you would."
"You won't try to stop me?"
"I have to try."
"But, why AJ?"
"Because, Duchess, I'm an elder. I follow rules. Especially rules I helped write."
"It's a stupid rule."
"It keeps humans safe. Our purpose would be moot if safety isn't built in during interactions. Would you go all the way to kill in this game of yours?"
"No, of course not. But they can't say the same. I say we should level the playing field."
"To do that we would have to also give humans razor teeth and claws, body armor beyond leather and steel, and wits that enhance a brain beyond the physical boundaries of the skull. In other words, you could kill them just leveling the playing field."
"You're twisting my words. I just mean... well, you know what I mean!"
"Duchess, you can't win because humans don't come back."
"It's a stupid rule."
"Stop playing the game."


carliemacullen said...

That's a really cool take on the prompt and love the way you've incorporated it into the story.

Terri Giuliano Long said...

Very interesting post - a great take on the 'Sports' prompt. Thank you so much, Heidi!