Tuesday, August 14, 2012


AJ and Ara had a child once. Before the dark time, before Anthony grew greedy, but after Duchess had left them. She would have loved this child, and more than once AJ found himself wondering if the child could have kept Duchess from the corruption. Ara assured him that no, Duchess was on her path before they planned the birth. It was the idea Ara had to surprise the family that had ultimately kept them all safe. When Anthony staged his coup, Ara stayed in hiding. Their child had not been taken from them out of fear of the prophecy. Anthony could re-educate as many children as he wanted. There would always be a few that were saved, and a few were all it would take to dethrone Anthony for a final time. AJ hoped he and Ara's secret was part of that.

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Carlie Cullen said...

I'm loving this, Heidi. Great post.