Sunday, August 26, 2012


"I feel like I'm seeing your home for the first time."
"You are, Duchess. You haven't been to visit us in several hundred years."
"No, I don't mean this house. I mean your HOME. Every house, shack, apartment, cave, hut, boat, inn, or dwelling of any kind can be lived in. You and Ara have a home because of the way it feels."
"Fair enough. How does ours feel different? What are you seeing?"
"I see that it has been child-proofed. It's just little things, and a visitor wouldn't notice unless looking for that specifically, but, I've moved in. I've got this height issue now since being turned into a cat, and if I want to look at something, it's usually up higher than expected. So, unless you are trying to keep me away from your things, I can see evidence of a secret."
AJ's color drained from his face. He opened and closed his mouth, only managing a brief, "eeh-urge," before closing his eyes and yelling, "Ara!"


donnalsadd said...

Oh, someone knows a secret! What's next Heidi?

Lisa Shambrook said...

Oooh, now I want to know what he's trying to hide!

Terri Giuliano Long said...

A secret revealed! What a wonderful take on this prompt, Heidi!