Thursday, August 9, 2012

A Furry Friend

Cleopatra, queen of all she surveys, has never forgotten Egypt and the glory.
Duchess is bossier than her title. She forgets she came in third.
Marie Antoinette was such a tease. Her unfortunate demise can be blamed on that.
Baste lounges without a care. She likes the moving air from the fan during this heat. Astarte seeks the highest ground of them all. Sometimes only the top of the refrigerator will do.
Mau wants what he wants. No one should take hip catnip mouse away without fear for life and limb.
Sinh patters gracefully on pure white paws, ready and willing to trip unwary stairclimbers.
Hurakan thunders through the house when seeking attention, but stalks as quietly and gracefully as the rest. Mice beware.

1 comment:

Terri Giuliano Long said...

A lovely introduction to your furry friends! Thank you so much for sharing!