Sunday, August 19, 2012


This post is a continuation of a challenge I've joined for August. Each day there is a picture and a prompt. I write 50-100 word response. Feel free to comment as I love the feedback!

Our dog is terrified of fireworks. In the past I have had dogs who were frightened of them, but this goes way beyond fright. She paces, whining, then runs to hide in the bathroom with every poppety-pop. She digs at the floor or crawls under my legs, but isn't content to stop there and begins the pacing cycle all over again. Thunderstorms are worse, maybe because they last longer. She starts the pacing and whining up to an hour before I even know a storm is coming. She dug a hole in our carpet one night, trying to hide from a thunderstorm while I slept through it. Her saddest terror was the day I popped my bubblegum. She avoided me the rest of the day. She's a shelter dog, so I have to wonder what happened before we loved her.


Lisa Shambrook said...

We've got an anxious dog too, a huge German Shepherd, so I know the feeling! At least your lovely dog has you now, unconditional love is a beautiful thing!

carliemacullen said...

Oh, my heart goes out to your poor dog. I've had dogs in the past and they've been afraid of fireworks, but not thunderstorms, and certainly didn't behave like your dog does.
Something must have happened to the poor thing before you got him to make it react like that. It makes me sad for the dog and very mad at whoever mistreated him before!
Thanks for sharing!

Terri Giuliano Long said...

Your poor dog! How wonderful that you've managed to give her a safe home though!

andrea said...

Aww, poor doggie, but you're talking about him with so much love, he must really happy there.

Lisa Shambrook said...

My dog is anxious too, so it's wonderful yours has you!