Sunday, August 12, 2012


"Gwama, Gwama! I need dis canny!"
"You don't NEED the candy. You want the candy."
"But Gwama, I want it too!" Sweetheart, you only want it, not both. It's not a need. "I need dis canny. I need you to get it fo me. Pweeeeease?"
My dillemna is increasing with each moment. Teaching a two year old need vs. want is not working. I NEED to be a good grandma. But does the good grandma say "no" and face the 30 minuts of tears? Or does the good grandma buy the candy, keeping me in good graces so I can teach other lessons later. I'm pretty sure I need some candy too. It might help me think!


sjp said...

just like my baby cousin, always leaving nans with a lollipop or two ;)

Em and Scott said...

Lizzie just told me, "Momma, I need fruit snacks." After which she told me, "Momma, I need to watch Dora the Explorer." So yeah, I think she's ready for that lesson on wants vs. needs.