Thursday, March 8, 2012

We had a party last night at the request of our incredibly imaginative Sarah. She wanted to have a Lady and the Tramp themed party, so we did! She recently got the movie on blu-ray, and has been wanting to celebrate it's release since then. Our lives can get so busy it has taken us over a month to actually pull this off, but it was a lot of fun and as most of you know, Matt and I will do almost anything to help Sarah be happy.
Sarah collects books with even more devotion than I do, so she has several copies of Lady and the Tramp, each a little different. One is an activity book which has a recipe for spaghetti and "meats'a balls." she wanted this to eat with the movie. I had thought I might try to get away with something more store bought because meatballs are not my favorite to make or eat. No such luck. She was pretty adamant that I use THIS recipe. It was not difficult, but, as usual, my meatballs fell apart and those that didn't sure didn't look round! However, they tasted fantastic! I think next time I make this I will bake the meatballs. I've seen that plenty of times on TV, so it's worth a try.
The sauce was even easier, but since I had a migraine from dialysis I had forgotten that it said to simmer for an hour to reduce. HA! The recipe called for 16 oz of chopped tomatoes. There is, by the way, no such size can available in any grocery store I've been to. Maybe in Europe. I bought the 24 oz size, figuring I could use the rest in something next week. It's a good thing I did, because as I cooked the sauce, even before it started to reduce, there was no way it was going to cover an entire pound of spaghetti. Of course, with just the three of us, we wouldn't be eating an entire pound of spaghetti in one night either. I ended up adding the whole can of tomatoes, but I will need to make more sauce for the leftover pasta and meatballs. I will be happy to because this was possibly the best spaghetti I have ever eaten. I'm actually looking forward to the leftovers!
Just as a side note, we all smell like garlic!

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