Saturday, March 10, 2012

I found a recipe for cream cheese enchiladas, and since Friday is Mexican night I thought I would give it a try. Reading through it on Thursday I noticed there was no enchilada sauce on these enchiladas, which technically makes them rolled up filled tortillas with salsa. NOT enchiladas. The recipe also called for flour tortillas, another mistake. This recipe was obviously written by a Northerner.
I fixed it by using corn tortillas and enchilada sauce. I also changed the pepper-jack cheese to jalepino-jack cheese. It sounded better and it was cheaper. Who knew?
The big question is always what it tasted like. I was not too impressed. The cream cheese didn't create a creamier filling than I normally have and I couldn't taste the tanginess. Don't get me wrong, they were very good, but I was hoping for more of a difference.
On the other hand, Sarah and Matt could not get enough! Sarah had three, which she shoveled into her mouth with very poor manners (hehe), and Matt only stopped at two because he has gotten better at listening to his stomach when it is full rather than his taste buds when something is delicious. I only had one, but that was because I was full, not because I didn't like them. Both of them kept telling me, between mouthfuls, how great they were. Matt even said that this is what I should serve the next time the missionaries come over.
Sometimes I question whether I am overdoing it with cooking when I am not really recovered from starting dialysis yet. I try to plan leftovers or something super easy on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, but even on these other days I have to sit down in my chair I have in the kitchen and I ache for hours afterwards. I'm already taking prescription painkillers for migraines and sciatica, so extra aches and pains are never good. It does satisfy me to be creative in the kitchen. It makes my family happy to have yummy food. It is healthier and cheaper than going to restaurants. Fast food places are much less likely to show up in our busy days because there are leftovers. There are so many good things about it that I am sure I will continue, I just hope the pain part diminishes soon.

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