Thursday, May 29, 2008

Note to self: Next time you fly anywhere, wear decent shoes and pedometer.
Why, you may ask, has this just occurred to me?
Yesterday I flew back to Phoenix for a meeting with Primavera. I landed in Philidelphia with an hour to spare, but the furthest gate from where I was. I am not kidding. We landed at F36 and my Phoenix flight was leaving from A26. Yes, I rode the shuttle bus from F10 to A1, so technically that was only the length of two terminals that I walked, but as I got to A26, I wondered, "How far did I just walk?" I had chosen to leave the pedometer at home, so I didn't know.
I also regreted wearing my usual travel shoes. They are great for airline travel because they slip on and off for security, and they are slightly room if (ha! WHEN!) my feet swell. But, they are not great for long distance treks.
When I got to A26 there was nothing decent to eat. I got all picky and started back up the terminal to find something and ended up at the food court between the B and C terminal. Then, I had to trek back to A26, which had actually been changed to A24, but no big deal.
So, how far did I walk in the hour or so that I was actually on my feet?


Xena said...

Did this inspire something I wont mention here?

That old lady with too many cats. . . said...

Nah. This was in the middle of that something. See alternate site for date comparison.