Sunday, May 11, 2008

Happy Mother's Day!
I just thought I would brag about my beautiful little girl and how she made my Mother's Day perfect. Saturday Matt and Sarah took me to Lori's Secret Garden. That is the new restaurant in the old Garlock House. They have painted the enterior all kinds of shades of purple. Yummy food!
They woke me up today with breakfast in bed (Crunchy Granola Rasin Bran) and a homemade card. Sarah also gave me a freshwater pearl necklace and matching earings. They have a pink tint to them and I think they are perfect.
The ward gave us Dove chocolates and the Relief Society meeting included brunch.
My phone was dead and I didn't know it, so I missed the call from Scott, but he got in touch with Matt and sent a message. He is very thoughtful to his part time mom.
I slept for a good long time this afternoon after driving Matt to Buffalo (after I got home, not while driving back) and got to spend the evening with Sarah.
It was a great day, and I hope all of your Mother's Days were good too!


Xena said...

Can you come give Eran lessons on what he should do for me for Mother's Day? I know he blames it on the fact that our anniversary and both of our birthdays all just happened, but give me a break, nothing?

Seth Hippen said...

Well done, Matt and Sarah! Happy Mother's Day, Heidi!