Monday, March 10, 2014

Sleep Apnea

Turns out I have sleep apnea. That means that during the time you are asleep you stop breathing. I stopped breathing 50+ times during my study at the sleep center. I don't remember any of that. I actually worried nothing would show because I slept better there than anywhere else I've been recently. Actually, for a LONG time. I had an adjustable double width bed, and just that extra bit made a big difference from the adjustable twin at dialysis or the hospital. I put all my stuff within reach and didn't have to twist to get things off a table or nightstand. A table and nightstand were available, but my preference is to have things closer. I know, I'm weird.
I think the thing that made it such a restful sleep was the lack of noise. No dialysis machines, no traffic, nobody mumbling in his sleep, and no nurses checking vitals. The tech came in twice (that I remember!), once to attach the EEG leads, once to reattach one that had fallen off, and then once I was awake she came in to take them off my head.
So, imagine my surprise when I heard the results. I had no idea I stopped breathing for up to 35 seconds. Matt wasn't surprised since he'd seen it at home. It scared him to watch me gasping for air after one of those longer episodes. So, I'm very glad I had the study done, despite the part that I now have to get used to sleeping with a machine. On the bright side, maybe it can mask some of the other noises that I need to ignore!?!?!

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