Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Last night I made pasta putanesca. According to Klaus on A Series of Unfortunate Events, putanesca is Italian for very few ingredients. I've made sauces with fewer ingredients, but this is a good one. Sarah's favorite part are the capers. Between the capers, the anchovies, and the olives, this is a pretty salty dish. It rarely needs extra anywhere except the pasta water.
Just for an overview of my week and why I don't cook more, Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, I have dialysis. This means I am at least worn out, but often it means I have to get over a migraine before I can start cooking. Tuesday I go grocery shopping, which, surprise, surprise, wears me out. So that is four days a week that I need something quick and easy. Thursday and Saturday are good, but Sunday Matt leaves for DCA before dinner time. Between church, a required Sunday afternoon nap, and the trip to the airport, leftovers are usually my best bet.
If you are paying attention to the date you may be wondering why Easter dinner was not mentioned. We planned to do it Saturday, but that happened to be the same day as an event at the Disney store over in Syracuse. So, great parent that I am, I took Sarah to Syracuse for the 12:30 event. I bought myself some new jewelry for Easter, but could not find a good dress. Sarah does not want the dresses she owns, let alone a new one, so we decided we were tired of shopping and left the mall. Matt was flying in to Syracuse at 4:30, so it would be useless to go home just to come back. We picked him up and then went to Mexican food. I'll have to cook the lamb another time.

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