Sunday, November 2, 2008

Here are the rules: You answer the questions below and at the end of the post you tag 4 people. Then go to their blog and comment to them that they have been tagged.
What is your husband's name? Matthew John Baker
How long have you been married? 18+ years
How long did you date? We started dating Friday, January 13. I met his parents at General Conference in April, went down to AZ in July, then he came back up to Utah to propose in October. We got married in May. So...18 months?
Who eats sweets? Only when under stress.
Who said "I Love You" first? I don't remember. I do know he kissed me first.
Who is taller? 6'2" vs 5'6". Matt wins.
Who can sing best? Definitely Matt. He used to have a beautiful tenor. Then puberty hit.
Who is smarter? He will claim it is me, but I think it depends on the subject. He really know the scriptures well! Now that is the smart that counts.
Who does the laundry? Sarah. What? Isn't that why we have kids?
Who pays the bills? We take turns by the year. This year is my turn.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? The right and left don't matter. All I ask is to be closest to the bathroom.
Who cooks dinner? Mostly me. He likes to cook, but doesn't get around to it often. Plus, with the complements he gives me, why should I give that up?
Who drives? Matt drives his car. I drive mine. Except when I don't want to.
Who is the first to admit they are wrong? Matt. I can be a real idiot.
Who kissed who first? He kissed me first. He claims I kissed him, but I was there, and he kissed me first. Definitely. No question. Without a doubt.
Who asked who out first? Matt asked me to go to the movies with his siblings and cousins. Shae paid for me, because Matt forgot to ask Chuck, who bought Matt's ticket, to get one for me.
Who wears the pants? That is a dumb question. I have pants, he has pants ...
How did you meet? The first time I saw him was when we were both volunteering at the Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital in Georgia. He doesn't remember meeting me until the next day at my companion's birthday party. He claim that he definitely remembers the red dress I wore!
Now I'm supposed to tag 4 people. I tag Mom, Hillory, Holly, and Rhiannon.


Happilyeverafterx3 said...

I must protest. This is a tag about spouses. I don't have one at this present time. I would totally do it if I could but he is being elusive. But it is fun reading yours and Hanna's.

Happilyeverafterx3 said...

HMM, I hadn't thought of the ideal man scenario. I might.

sunnytosh said...

It sounds like you are deeply in love, and I love that Sara helps with the laundry. What a great way to help her family!