Wednesday, July 16, 2008

We just finished a week or so with 5 of Matt's students from AZ. It was a lot of fun and it was a lot of work. It is amazing to remember the maturity differences from Frosh/Soph to Jr/Sr/Grad. I had to spend an entire day reclaiming my computer from the clutches of MySpace, etc.
Tomorrow we start in with a new batch of visitors. We have 6 girls and their leader from Ashburn, VA who are part of a youth conference/pageant tour, the Von Kampens from Mesa, and Susan, Seini, and Iolani. Yeah, you would think that I would have spaced these things out better, but communication is sometimes a problem. I told the Von Kampens they were welcome, then told the ward that I might be able to host some girls for the youth group, but could they call me first to confirm? No call came, just an assignment. Matt claims he told me the dates for Susan and Seini, but I don't think so. Anyhooo. Here we are, setting up all the airbeds, and hoping for the best.

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